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Summer is here. Get your terrace and garden ready.

Dine on your terrace this summer with your friends and family and

enjoy your garden.

Look here for some cool furniture and if you see something you like just call us.

Comienza el iSaloni de Milán

Salón del mueble de Milán


Hoy abre sus puertas “El Salón del Mueble de Milán”, uno de los escaparates mas importantes de las últimas novedades en el mundo del mueble. Estamos deseando ver qué nos presentan los diseñadores consagrados y los nuevos valores y por supuesto las últimas tendencías¡


Piero Lissoni para Kartell

Cocina espaciosa con zona de comedor familiar

Conseguir una cocina espaciosa y con una zona de comedor muy familiar.
En este proyecto unimos la cocina y el lavadero para conseguir una cocina espaciosa y con dos zonas, una zona de trabajo en forma de U, muy cómoda y luminosa junto al ventanal y una acogedora zona de comedor.
Se le ha dado personalidad con el suelo hidráulico, el banco hecho a medida y la pared de la zona de cocción con un espectacular gresite rojo.

House reforming

How to convert a small house into a large house.
This project entailed in reforming an old and very boxed apartment into one in which all its rooms would reflect space.

Home Staging Integral

We take care of everything.

    • From a personalised consultation to analyzing the whole house.
    • Detailed analysis of the current situation.
    • Providing detailed measurements for every room both interior and exterior.
    • Removing unnecessary items, cleaning, repairs, painting and gardening etc
    • Design and interior decoration.
    • Selection of furniture and existing accessories.
    • Organization of renting furniture if this was necessary.
    • Digital photography to help present the sale.

href=”mailto:elsa@elsabatanerointeriorismo.es” target=”_blank”> Ask for a quote.

Home Staging Basic

Do you want to prepare your home to sell it?
We advise you and you carry out the works.

  • Consultation personalized in your property, analyzing the whole housing
  • Detailed analysis of the current situation.
  • Accomplishment of a detailed list of the measures, for every room and exterior.
  • Suggestions and advice for the preparation of a successful sale.

 Ask for a quote.

On-line Counseling

  • On-line Counseling. We help you acheive your dream home, whether it be a comprehensive reformation, or simply a new look for a room or even an inspiration to help you change something in particular. We have three counseling formats;

Deco Basic

You may want ideas to change or update your living room on a small budget.
Or do you need help with ideas how to layout your room with Ikea furniture.
Or maybe simply acheive a diferent look to your bedroom.

All we need is for you to send us some photos and we will send you them back with several options and ideas to help you acheive your goals.

Deco Idea

You need ideas for upgrading your bathroom.

You may have moved house and want us to help you distribute the furniture you already have in your new home.

All we need is for you to send us pictures and measurements and we will send you back drawings and photomontages to help according to your tastes and preferences.

Deco integral

Do you want to acheive a complete change of look for your home.

Merge living areas to obtain a open living plan.
Or gain an extra room you may thought was never posible.
We can help you by providing layout drawings and 3D plans to make it easier for you to see your dream home come to life.

 Ask for a Quote  Ask for a Quote Ask for a Quote

On site Service


  • An interior designer is here to help you with the reformation of your home or work premises, we can adjust to your needs and budget.
    (We take Measurements and provide quotes , draw up plans, present Design proposals and help choose furniture).

These services are divided into three phases and you can request any or all of them.

Design proposals

We listen to your needs and tastes and we propose to you sketches, accessories, and furniture. We then discuss this with you and continue to adapt to your needs and tastes.


We prepare all the detailed plans in order to execute the project.

Project execution

We can also help you manage and supervise the project execution on site.

Ask for a quote.